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Kaffeepause #15

well... this took a while. it seems like it took a global pandemic for me to get writing again. life is good. nearly back to normal again. at least in in germany experts do not expect a second wave, now that they know so much more about the virus itself & how it spreads. as long as we have more control on the so called superspreaders, the worst should be behind us.
these days i found myself more often in the kitchen. sometimes up to 3 times a day which is unusual. but the lack of proper hobbies & unwillingness to work out leaves very little options in self quarantine.
in terms podcasts i stuck to the classic: the daily show with trevor noah last week tonight (has been missing him for the last 2-3 weeks) terry gross' fresh air wtf with marc maron conan o'brien needs a friend & armchair expert with dax & monica new discoveries along the way: the happiness lab ba food lab
there are many peeks to working from home. like the level of coffee quality increased signif…

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