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Frankfurt Tipps

i can't believe it but it's true: i've been living in Frankfurt now since august – that's 9 month of äppelwoi, hip hop and pepsi. time flies when you're having fun (& working full-time). in december i moved from Dornbusch to Nordend and now live in a small room that sometimes passes as an apartment. i feel very adult-y but i'm kinda ok with it. i pay taxes & own a bausparvertrag now. it's happening. it's all happening.
since i had the chance to look around this place, here are my favorite spots & things to do in frankfurt.

#1 Spazieren (engl.: walking around the river Main)

 #2 Drinking coffee
 the best places to do so: Café #48, holy cross brewing society, hoppenworth & ploch, sugar mama

#3 Going to the cinema or theatre

Where? Cinema (Hauptwache) Harmonie (Sachsenhausen), Mal seh'n (Nordend), Cinestar Metropolis (Oeder Weg) or The English Theatre (Taunus), Schauspiel Frankfurt & Kammerspiele (Willy-Brand-Platz)

#4 Walking around N…

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