numerous things to be thankful for in 2017

2017 went by quickly. with january being a dick, I try to summon good thoughts and made a list (in no order of priority) with stuff to be grateful for from 2017.

1. Settling in Frankfurt

frankfurt am main - who would have thought that out of all the cities in Germany I'd settle here. this city has a lot to offer... but still feels quite small and cozy. its the first city I learned my way around from a driver's seat #minilove. it has been the place for some other firsts... first job, first own (tiny) apartment, first heartbreak as an adult.

2. Spending time with the family

these two are everything. they made the life I'm living possible & make my life worth living. both are perfect human beings - loving and caring with their little flaws and imperfections, always aiming for the best, however still grateful for what they'll (hopefully) always have: each other.

3. A tiger named kedi aka teo
this guy joined the öztürks in june. first dubbed kedi but now known as teo (short for teoman). he crawled into our hearts in seconds.

4. Trips with friends

one highlight of the year was my trip to Tel Aviv with my lovely friend. great food, drinks, people & looong talks at the beach, on sidewalks and in bars. life is never boring with her. #pelinessa

also, I went to lisboa for the first time with these clowns. #pöram

5. Concerts
Mum & I at Batschkapp to see Teoman (February).

The XX in Frankfurt with AC (February)

Rock am Ring (June)

The Weeknd & Justin Bieber at Wireless (June)

Dockville 2017 with Vanessa, Caro, Anne & Maren (August)

Christian Scott at Überjazz Festival Hamburg (November)

6. Getting shit doneeeeee
My month off in July looked a lot like this.
the end of an era. no more weekend sessions, headaches, worried looks. Master's degree in the Tasch'!

6. Finding love

Me & Hummus

 7. Weekendtrips to friends & family

train rides. that light & time off to think, breath, get hold of yourself. and sure as hell: make spotify playlists.

car rides. my coffee game is strooong. 

in the second half of 2017 I spend my weekends in Hamburg, Berlin, Hannover ad Nürnberg to see friends & family. my favorite thing to do on free weekends. still can't believe that weekends can be weekends! #neverastudentagain



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