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i can't believe it but it's true: i've been living in Frankfurt now since august – that's 9 month of äppelwoi, hip hop and pepsi. time flies when you're having fun (& working full-time). in december i moved from Dornbusch to Nordend and now live in a small room that sometimes passes as an apartment. i feel very adult-y but i'm kinda ok with it. i pay taxes & own a bausparvertrag now. it's happening. it's all happening.
since i had the chance to look around this place, here are my favorite spots & things to do in frankfurt.

#1 Spazieren (engl.: walking around the river Main)

 #2 Drinking coffee
 the best places to do so: Café #48, holy cross brewing society, hoppenworth & ploch, sugar mama

#3 Going to the cinema or theatre

Where? Cinema (Hauptwache) Harmonie (Sachsenhausen), Mal seh'n (Nordend), Cinestar Metropolis (Oeder Weg) or The English Theatre (Taunus), Schauspiel Frankfurt & Kammerspiele (Willy-Brand-Platz)

#4 Walking around Nordend (Oeder Weg)

i grab a coffee at Café Glauburg, listen to podcasts and mentally pick out my favorite Altbau to live in. if hungry: falafels at Aroma.

#5 Doing laundry
it's true, i have developed some sort of routine to drive to Pepi clean, put my clothes in the machine & enjoy their homemade cookies. they have great coffee & yummy toasts. duly noted to bring along a magazine or two. and yes, this counts as one of my favorite things to do.

#6 Visiting Palmengarten
picnics in park, jazz festivals in the summer and a huge selection of pretty cacti. this place is heaven.

#7 Watching a band play at batschkapp

great location to enjoy music & have a drink or two. most memorable concerts I've been to: Teoman and Duman. honestly, I haven't been to any other gigs since.

#8 Hanging out around bahnhofsviertel
going for pre-drinks at yok yok, pizza at montana or indian food at eatDoori, proper drinks at plank or a ny pastrami sandwich at maxi eisen – this area has a lot to offer. if you prefer authenticity to coolness, go for a samosa at akmal, a fish plate at alims fisch imbiss or baklava around merkez mosque.

#9 Market strolling
there are a couple of markets in the area to go to, not comparable to HH's ise market, but still a nice change of pace. tuesdays and fridays at südbahnhof, thursdays at konstablerwache and bockenheimer warte, wednesdays & saturdays at berger come to mind. if you're looking for second hand, there's a flohmarkt at ostbahnhof or schaumainkai (location changes biweekly).

#10 comedy & jazz
this is still a black box for me but jazzkeller and mampf are known for jazz sounds and die käs for funny performances. i started my discovery journey with a comedy set at die KÄS and hope to continue it. it may not be louis c.k. but still.

#11 Cocooning
as long as it's still cold out, i prefer to just hang out at home. but soon, i tell you, there will be hiking and bike tours, picnics and open air concerts. soon, i swear.

title image by blickfang, taken in february on the streets of nordend.


  1. Ok, where to start... More frankfurt pictures to take, I still want to go to Palmengarten and even more: hiking, biking, picnicing with you ♥ Frankfurt, you finest city! Thanks to you, I just figured out how I kinda like this 'doing laundry' thing as well #bigcitylife


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