Kaffeepause #11

tv & movies
started watching game of thrones season 5 to get ready for the newest release. we basically tried to binge watch the whole thing but had to give up after 3 hours. we weren't ready to give up sleep. also, i am totally on track with modern family again. I just can not keep my eyes of phil, claire, luke, JAAAY, alex, hailey, gloria, mitchell and cameron.

movie-wise I enjoyed watching blue is the warmest color, lovestories, rewatched boyhood after listening to a Richard Linklater interview. last night prisoners kept me wide awake. yeah, that was my saturday night.

marc maron's 700th episode is a two-parter with Louis CK and Veep Queen Julia Louis-Dreyfus. the three hours just flew by!

ahhh my biggest obsession right now. thanks to npr's Austin 100 list I was able to discover real goodies like Lapsey (8896), Mothers (it hurts until it doesn't) and Julien Baker (Sprained Ankle).
through the UO blog I came across radiooooo, a website to listen to music by country and century. first things first I listened to turkish music from the 60s and 70s. but you can basically go bananas and dig deep. always wanted to know how the kazachan music scene was? or what brazil sounded like in the seventies? go nuts.
also the album you and I by jeff buckley was released which includes old recordings of covers mostly. it is hauntingly beautiful. perfect sunday blues. another tease is palehound's tiny desk concert in april. the band the internet had a tiny desk concert too – definitely worth watching. ok, then i went down the spiral and started watching 2013 tiny desk concerts, cannot keep my eyes of The National, John Legend, The Arcs... it just makes me happy.
on friday night i went to see the turkish rock band duman live. they played for three hours with long instrumental moments, guitar solos (i have missed those!) and a crowd that sang along to every word. it was amazing!

other internet-y thing
calming pictures of america's north. this post on productivity. this TED talk about procrastination. and the website Wait But Why – especially his analysis on CLIPS (chronically late insane people).


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