Kaffeepause #12

it's been a while since I wrote my last coffeebreak post here (or in fact posted anything at all on this blog). I have been reading/listening/watching tons of new stuff and with the oscars having taken place I feel the urge to spit out some of my thoughts.

TV shows & movies
netflix favorites: easy, chef's table, love, trevor noah's comedy special.
movies: la la land. la la land. la la land. I will watch other movies (manchester by the sea, T2, moonlight) but right now the city of stars takes up all of pelin's head.

I have since subscribed to Hidden Brain, Death, Sex & Money, Still Processing and The Talkhouse Music Podcast. A few of my favorite episodes have been: Beyond Meat: Ethan Brown, Mahershala Ali on Fresh Air, Ryan Adams on All Songs Considered, Will Arnett on Wtf with Marc Maron

other internet-y things
this new york times podium discussion on the cultural landscape in Trump's america. how awesome is salman rushdie? (see 5:50 and after for  his assessment of america's 50% and  trump's "major asshole behavior"). dave chappelle's snl monologue. this vox video on the relationship between fox news  and trump. this short documentary on the glasgow scene. LWT's video on trump vs. truth. kristen wiig on comedians in cars getting coffee. this perfect apartment on cup of jo.



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