coffeebreak #4

In general I have been watching a lot of trailers for new releases in 2015. Like Still Alice. Or Cake. It makes me crave for the oscars, really. Discovered Vulture Videos by The New Yorker with Julie Klausner. My favorites: jazzy homeland and real feminist bookstore. An homage to the millennials. A short film by a millennial. The funniest proposal video so far (or the video with the most hyperventilating). B.J. Novak reading the book with no pictures to kids. And John Oliver's Last Week Tonight Video on State Legislature (watching some old ones since the show is on holidays). True Facts on The Tonight Show. This tutorial video on stitching blankets - I've picked up my needle again thanks to a passionate and inspiring friend. This awesome advertisement by mavi with Turkish actress Serenay Sarikaya (she plays Melissa on the Turkish remake of The OC - naturally I'm a fan). And this delicious recipe of a brownie-tart-mashup.

Jonathan Tropper's How to Talk to a Widower and Everything Changes via Amazon Kindle. Apparently I'm a part of the late majority that's giving e-books a try. Tropper is simply awesome. His books have sooo many quotable lines! Something even kindle has confirmed. It showed me that exactly 15 other fans have highlighted the phrase: "Somewhere, there's a therapist sitting alone in his office, staring wistfully at his door, wishing for a patient like you."
The Circle by Eggers is giving me the creeps and is helping me put my inner conflict about social media in proper words. Two facts that make me want to quit and continue reading it. So far I like the main character the least and her ex-boyfriend the most. This attitude of mine changes with every page. It's a must read as you can tell.
My second John Green novel arrived yesterday. Paper Towns. My excitement made me meet the delivery man mid-stairs stuttering illogical word combinations to him and myself. I hope I'm not getting my hopes up too high. Can't wait to finish the circle and start reading a young adult book again (I'm starting to wander if I'm not too old for that genre).

Movies & TV
Take this Waltz. Indie movie with great casting. Makes me want to eat chicken more. Organic chicken, of course.
Portlandia. Wow, am I obsessed with Fred Armisen or what? I think at some point during my marathon of interviews with Armisen I got scared by my inner creep - and I gave myself a time out. time out from the internet. For like, half  a day.
All Beauty Must Die. And watching this movie I can say indeed it died. Except maybe seeing Gosling as a transgender. Could not have imagined it. Don't want to ever again.
The Vow. Please do not judge me. I am just a human being with a shit load of emotions. Let me rephrase that - I am a girl standing in front of the TV and asking it to love me. (Channing and Rachel was its answer...)
Orange is the New Black. I binged watched the first season and 7 episodes of the second season. Imagine my success at researching for and writing my thesis. Danger zone, my brain exclaims.

Audiobook and Podcast
Here's the thing with Alec Baldwin and guest Ira Glass. I can't, I just can't tell you how much this excited me. 3 replays on my way to my parents.
Jon Stewart on Fresh Air. Crushing real hard I tell ya.
New discovery via hellogiggles: Gilmore Guys and via The New York Times:  How was Your Week with Julie Klausner.

Best Coast, Adventureland soundtrack (best 90s music), live recordings of Alt-J and TV on The Radio (bought tickets for their shows in February next year) and Modest Mouse's new single.

Other internet-y things
A ridiculously cheap offer on urlaubspiraten: flights to San Diego for 340 Euros. It's so tempting.


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