Kaffeepause #3

Alright, let's to this. A lot has happened since my last entry. I am finally done with my exams. If I'm lucky, I won't have to write another exam till I graduate from college. It is crazy how fast things are moving. Four years have gone by in a heart beat. The last milestone in my project bachelors degree in marketing is the dreaded thesis. Still taking time off from last week's exam marathon, I have filled my brain with pop culture and comedy on a daily basis. Starting tomorrow I should get back to my books and dig for an interesting topic to write 40 pages about.

I have watch this episode of CCC now twice. It's Jerry Seinfeld talking to Kevin Hart in a hipster cafe in LA. My favorite part is when Seinfeld exclaims: "I bought a cup of coffee. I live here now."
Also on my radar: This timelapse video of San Diego and Greta Gerwig's most recent dp/30 interview on her new movie with Al Paccino and Graham Norton's show with Matthew McConaughey, Lena Dunham and Anne Hathaway.

Movies & TV
I rewatched our Idiot brother (sooooo good!), Remember me (continues to makes me cry), 21 Jump Street (hilarious) and Submarine (weird). Sometimes you just need to re-watch well made movies to relax. Oh, and I religiously watch BoJack Horseman now. I'm in love with Will Arnett, Aaron Paul and Amy Sedaris. I haven't made it to the cinema yet but I'm dying to see Mockingjay, Interstellar, Nightcrawler, Wish I was here, What if and Life Partners. I'm hoping to cross two of these off my list this weekend.

Audiobook and Podcast
Someday, someday maybe by Lauren Graham was genius and sweet, funny and moving at the same time. I just can't get enough of Lauren.
WTF with Marc Maron had John Mulaney as a guest, Jesse Thorn played a special on Judge John Hodgeman (that pony story!) and Jon Stewart dropped by NPR Fresh Air to talk about his upcoming movie Rosemary water.

Other Internet-y things
Dan Ariely answering Reddit questions. Hellogiggles article about this year's indie movies. The internet's cutest kids getting ice cream (never gets old). Jennifer Lawrence rocking David Letterman. Lena Dunham giving out advice.

Time for more internet. Take care folks.


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