Movies that make you hungry

I just stumbled upon an hellogiggles post on movies that make you hungry and have to give my few cents to this.

Movies that make you hungry by the kitchen ladies

  1. Julie & Julia Just don't, seriously, don't try to argue with me.
  2. Because I said so Those cakes...omg have you seen them? And Diane Keaton is constantly eating frosting or pasta or sipping red wine (somehow fits into my food category)
  3. It's complicated Same happens with Meryl Streep. Plus, let us not forget that croissant scene with Steven Martin
  4. Soul Kitchen Maybe too indie and/or German for the big mass to know?
  5. Gilmore Girls I mean - seven seasons filled with burgers, pancakes, wedding food and friday night dinners at Richard and Emily's?
  6. Amélie Just because of this scene. You are heartless of you think it should not make the list. Heartless.
  7. Chocolat This is the most erotic movie on food. Almost the equivalent of a French artsy movie. Some scenes can be uncomfortable to watch with your parents.
  8. About Alex Because they have just the best dinner conversation. Not to mention Aubrey Plaza plays a foodie #moviecrush.
  9. A Good Year You can almost smell the french bread and fine food. Main reason I picked it, is obviously Russell Crow, but also for this brilliant (& cheesy) quote: "Once you find something good Max, you need to take care of it. You need to let it grow." Perfect mantra for fermenting, isn't it? Mum started making her own bread and has now a 20 day old starter. She should label her dough with this quote. I will do that next time I'm home. [in case you want to get on board of the lets-make-our-own-bread-and-spit-on-the-people-who-dont, check out this post on cafefernando]
  10. Ratatouille. Enough said.*drops microphone on the floor*


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