Christmas shooting for Knorr Germany

I took these pictures on set of this year’s Christmas shooting for Knorr which took place last Monday in Eimsbüttel, Hamburg. Considering it was June I did feel awkward at first getting into the spirit of holidays and Christmas. But as soon as Sven, the wonderfully talented photographer, started playing classic Christmas songs to get us into the mood it quickly made a turn. It was so great to see him and his assistant work - making it look effortlessly to get these amazing pictures.
Arriving at his studio I immediately fell in love with his kitchen. It was perfect - high ceilings, classic wooden decoration, big collection of professional kitchen knives, an espresso machine that looked like a polished engine of some oldie car and a red leathered seating area in the corner. The food stylist welcomed us with a big plate of fresh foods: kiwis, strawberries, melons, apricots and more and then continued to show us his take on the recipes. I was very happy after having organized the day, picking out recipes that are new and exciting for this year’s brochures. I don’t believe I can write much more about the details to the promotion in regards to firm policies but I am very anxious to see the promo in action when it hits stores. For lunch we ordered Chinese food and talked about extreme sports and adventurous holidays – better: I listened to them talk about breaking several bones while snowboarding or hiking. The day came to an end with a short shooting of DIY decoration ideas. Designing candlesticks, napkin folding and creative table names– a must for Christmas.

I loved spending the day out of office for once and work creatively with food. After working 5 months in marketing this has been a real treat!

I cannot wait for the final pictures…


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