Devil's Food Chocolate Cake

coming home for christmas is not as big of deal as it is to some of my friends. my family has never celebrated christmas or any other christian holiday for that matter. I remember having to polish my shoes the night before St. Nicholas Day as my parents would stuff them with chocolate and books. I think they couldn't get out of that one as the next day in school my classmates would brag about their presents all day long. I was never too sad about not having christmas at our house. we had our own festivities at least twice a year. Ramadan for example is casually called Seker Bayrami (meaning sugar feast) as we would have three full days of food:  traditional turkish food with lots and lots of sweets... There is even a national day called Cocuklar Bayrami which is set on 23rd of April and was dedicated to the children of our nation by Atatürk himself. my point here being: there is nothing to feel bad about not celebrating christmas at our house. There are plenty of other occasions that are comparable to christmas. I never understood the fig tree anyway. not even after watching Home Alone for the 60th time.
so although we did not have christmas our house there was a food festival going upon the day of my arrival. first we celebrated my cousins birthday, then my dad's, my grandma paid us a visit from turkey (big, big deal), new years eve, family and friends came, there was a new recipe we wanted to try out, my mum ordered chocolate from france... we always found a reason to bake 24/7.
here to share with you, are pictures of my cousins sweet 16 birthday cake: The Devil's Food Chocolate Cake. check this link for the recipe.


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