Bakerellas Cake Pops

For my best friend's birthday I decided to bake something I had on my "to bake"-list since I saw the video of the author of bakerella at the martha stewart show. Bakerella was the first food blogs I was following - from day one. But I was always convinced that it was way too hard to prepare and just kept on looking at her pictures - admiring her playful designs and ideas.
After spending half the day in the kitchen I realized that I was right in the first place. You need all the materials and its really important to get the cake right or the preparation time will be twice as high as martha tells you.
OK, so first you start with the cake. I made the cake at home and let it rest for a night, not because I think the dough gets tastier (which I totally think is true) but for logistical reasons. I only used half of the amount and it turned out to be enough: you'll end up with about 30 popcakes.

  1. So start with this special recipe for a chocolate cake:
  2. Now cut cake into quarters and put it into the mixer until you end up with a crumbled cake.
  3. Add the buttercream frosting.
  4. Roll it into little balls.
  5. Let chill for 10 min. in the freezer
  6. Using a cookie cutter form the balls into cake pops.
  7. Put it back into the freezer for a couple of minutes.
  8. During that time melt the milk chocolate in a water bath and get the sticks ready (you can purchase them here).
  9. Decorate the dipped chocolate part with decorating sugar.
 Because the sticks are so insanely expensive over here I served the rest of it plain. After the chocolate has dried you can cut out squares of foiled paper and cover the Cake Pops with the foil and put a nice ribbon around it.


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