Istanbul - Day 2

Starting Day Two where we left off the day before: we paid a short visit at the icecreamshop Neco in Kocamustafapaşa. Besides serving the best icecream in town, Neco is also known for its hot drink salep with a scoop of icecream on top (I prefer Sade which tastes like vanilla only better).
To make our shopping tour for curtains more 'special' (don't get me wrong buying textiles in turkey is a treat when it comes to variety of qualities,design and colours aswell as service-but you need energy to negotiate with salesmen) we went to the barbershop in Fındıksade and made us feel royal for 7 Lira hair-dos each.
Looking like one another my mum and I met up with Dad for the Grand Bazaar Tour which implies...
  • a great, costs-next-to-nothing-Sightseeing-tour with the metro,
  • a shortcut to the aisle where the jewelers reside
  • drinks at a cafe which was build in 1964 to enjoy serious turkishness (order türk kahvesi sade az şeker)
  • dürüm which is kebab rolled in bread
  • observing our sorroundingsuch as a guy whosold cake from his mobile booth like bakeries sell bread
  • baklava at güllüoğlu tatlısı
  • shopping at kesko for lokum (turkish delight) to bring home...


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