Pink soup

I still had some chord left in my basket and as I was feeling sick I decided to make me a healthy hot soup with lots and lots of vitamins and yum. Having no experiences with making soup, I audaciously decided to make my own recipe.

Pink soup with chords

I started by cutting an onion into little pieces and heating it up with olive oil in a pan. Then I added 20g butter and while I waited for it to heat up I cut 2 chord helves into little pieces aswell. Together with the onions and some garlic I roasted them gently for 2 minutes.

Next I added about 200g of coconut milk and 300g chicken stock. In addition I added salt, black and red pepper in comparativaly big amounts to support the "healing process".

At this point you should end up with a pinkish soup. Next I mixed in the cutted chord and some rice noodles I bought from a turkish market nearby. Let it simmer for about 6 minutes and enjoy the spoup with nice farmhouse bread like I did this morning.


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