My very own chard recipe

As I have mentioned before, this weeks surprise in my food basket was a vegetable called chards ( "Mangold" in german). I can´t remember ever having used it in any of my meals before- I don´t even think that my mum used to make it alot... Anyways I made up my own recipe-inspired by Martha Stewarts meal with potatoes and fennel.
Unfortunatly I didn´t measure my ingredients but I don´t even think that it´s neccessary for this meal as you can use the amount of ingredients depending on your delight.

First I started by peeling waxy potatoes and cutting them in 2cm slices. After buttering the baking dish arrange the slices of potatoes neatly. Though I have to add, looking at the picture you can guess that I had some trouble with that (as my potatoes differed greatly in size). Then I added little cubes of butter to each line of slices. Set it aside.

Cut peeled onions and washed tomatoes in squares.
Next I heated up olive oil in a pan and put onions and tomatoes in it. Giving it stirrs from time to time it cooked for about 5 minutes.

The I added the chards. I formerly washed them first, cut them into 2 cm pieces (mouthportioned). After it has sunk down (just like with spinach) I added cream, creme fraiche, salt and pepper.

Last transfer the mixture into the baking dish covering all potatoes. If they are not, you can just add leftover cream to it. Add herbs of you delight (I used dill), top it with some parmesan cheese and place it to the oven at 190° C.

It needed about 20 minutes per se. You can also enjoy it like myself the next day, served cold.


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