Home Sweet Home Part 1

The prodigal daughter returns. Oh and what does she await? Nothing less than paradies...my lovely mum cooked me an amazing dinner, that i was dreaming about since i´ve moved. Thank you, mummy. I took only a couple of shots with extremely dark lightings but i just couldn´t wait any longer to dip into my favourite meals: sea bass sprinkled with lime and love, roquette salad with cherrytomatoes and onions, baked eggplants and pepper, asparagus with hollandaise sauce and sweet little potatoes (in Germany they are called Drilling) and to top it all of course: organelles, prepared in a pan with redish sauce just like the ones we discovered in a shop in hamburg. Can´t wait to share all of the tastes and delights I´m experiencing here these days.
With Love...


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