New Years Eve/ Birthday Cake for Dad

My dad´s birthday is the first day of the year. It has always been a challenge to deal with the headache of the long and celebrational new years eve night and the organisational matters of the family party.Plus: Everyone ALWAYS expects a wide range of delicious tradional food and turkish delights...This time we decided to create a mixture of my dads favourite cakes.
He adores chocolate.
And praises fruits. This is no exaggeration at all, his fruit plate became a tradition- every night when everyone´s at home he prepares three equal plates with a small fruit selection of the season: apples, bananas, kiwis, cherries, pineapples whatever comes to mind...To cherish this lovely manner of his, my mum made this delicious cake dough (the same one from the previous post Devil´s Food Cake) with sweet cherries and dangerously yummy cream inbetween and on top...
We used only recipes we knew by heart from previous try-outs because there´s always the chance of screwing up the whole thing by relying on new recipies.
It took my mum two days because the dough has to prepared at least a day before. You can make as many layers as you like but we prefered two-it had much more stability otherwise i guess it would fall apart as we´re only using a little of that melted chocolate cream.
After separating the dough, "butter" the first layer with half of the prepared chocolate mixture, now add the cherries by forming a smaller circle in the middle of the cake and using an icing bag (1M tip but I don´t think it´s that important) add the whipped cream starting from the edges. Now carefully position the second layer to have an even frame. Again cover the dough with some chocolate and cherries ( creating a smaller circle). Use the rest of the whipped cream to decorate as to be seen in the pictures above. As a last step we used the same method as the devilish cupcakes by using bits of dark chocolate to decorate it even more...
At the end of the day we had no pieces left over. No words needed.:)


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