Kaffeepause #10

life lately has been marvelous. since classes ended in january I enjoyed some dull hours watching movies, talking to friends and spending quality time with the family (though quite frankly, the occasional freak outs on career and money problems happened). I've had some time to finally go on that belgium trip with my friend. a trip we have been thinking about and looking forward to for ages. I saw brugge. ate chocolate and waffles. walked around for hours and hours by foot. we drove with my parents' car taking us merely 4.5 hours to get to belgium. I was able to practice my driving skills and test my patience in traffic. we listened to a lot of music and an episode of wtf with marc maron (autocorrect suggests the spelling moron over and over). earlier my angelic travel friend came to visit me in gießen - the city I am currently doing my masters degree in international marketing. angelic because she makes me appreciate life, calms me down and always (and I mean always) comes baring amazing gifts. I am such a lucky girl.

movies & tv
in brugge we headed to the international theatre place to watch hail, caesar! and had a blast figuring out the subtitles (there are two!) during the screening. also a wonderfully stylish woman announced the movie and gave us a review - well actually, I cannot know for sure what she actually talked about.
mozart in the jungle. this amazon prime show kept me awake during exam week. I have to admit it was not the best idea to start a new show, but who would have known I would obsess over it to the extend of staying up until 4 am (then having a study group over at my place at 10). love. a netflix series I followed closely and binge as well. to sum it up: gillian jacobs, set and shot in los angeles, judd apatow production, a wicked love story. also on netflix: chelsea does. a couple of episode of chelsea handler tackling the themes like drugs, racism and love. funny, unexpected and entertaining.
my highlight though, is the launch of viceland and with it the productions balls deep, gaycation and weediquette.

on our road trip to belgium we listened to a bunch of arctic monkeys, modest mouse and strokes. my new discoveries include magic hour by aoife o'donavan, why tie my hands by wordplay and everything from adam barnes. he performed at ulen in gießen and made us feel so many emotions. he and his keyboard player james walker were witty, entertaining and sweet like sugar.

switched on pop >say hey<
switched on pop >call your girlfriend<
wtf with marc maron >sacha baron cohen<
wtf with marc moron >david spade<
this american life >invisible made visible<
here's the thing with alec baldwin >molly ringwald<
bullseye with jesse thorn >jason sudeikis<
note to self >wait you're into [insert kink] too?!<
TED radio hour >how things spread<
all songs considered >tiny desk contest winner<

other internet-y things
this munchies video made me crave for food and traveling so badly! I am obsessed with their youtube channel. this viral last week tonight episode on trump aka drumpf. this ny times post on snapchat sensation (damn) daniel. this i like to watch video of a stand up comedian also named daniel. love how he rants about public proposal. this wonderful and sweet clip on a refugee's journey. this educating clip on spice and this on bernie sander's accent. and this video of the dance group soulfly. i went to a dance competition last week and saw them perform in the group junior II. they killed. sooooo good. this oldie but goodie snl clip with fred armisen. this dude. this moving video. and lastly, this video on new yorker cartoon.


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