NOPI starter: butternut squash with ginger tomatoes and lime yogurt

and the NOPI inspired cuisine continues! here goes the recipe for a squash tomato mix with delicious details hidden. it was well received by the ladies in my family and can thus be recommended to anyone who has the desire to surprise. It needs some effort and a lot of oven activity but it'll be worth it.

I made no big adaptation, I merely left out cardamon in the yogurt and used 'rohrzucker' instead of dark muscovado sugar because I have no idea where to get the original from. go to this link to see all recipes explained by the talented Ottolenghi on guardian.

here are some impressions from the 2.5 hours experience preparing this dish:

forty minutes at 240°C makes these ladies look this sexy.

chili, ginger and garlic hanging out.

veggies topped with crispy shallots, lime yogurt and roasted cashews.


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