LAFER: pumpkin soup

a simple autumny recipe from German chef Johann Lafer can be the reason to wake up early in the morning and get started in the kitchen. not that one needs too much time to prepare, but the excitement over pumpkin can make you wide awake on a sunday morning. here goes the recipe for the simplest, light and tasty pumpkin soup.

for 5-6 people
2 shallots
1 pumpkin (i.e. red kuri squash), quartered and diced
1 liter vegetable broth
200g cream
salt and pepper

instructions: 1) cut onions and saute in a large pot. add quartered pumpkin (keep the skin!) and simmer for 3 minutes. add cold vegetable broth to pot, stir, then add cream. 2) bring soup mixture to boil, set temperature to medium heat and let simmer for about 15 minutes. 3) if the pumpkin in the soup is soft, shred ingredients gently using a hand blender on low speed. 4) now season with salt and freshly ground pepper and serve hot.


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