Kaffeepause #9

Right now I am thoroughly enjoying One More Thing by B.J. Novak. It so amusing and perfectly portioned. It goes swell with my morning coffee. And with other books like Carrie Brownstein's memoir. Or Ucurtma Avisi by Khaled Hosseini - which translates into The Kite Runner. I wanted to read this book for ages now, but have not come around to doing so. A few weeks ago, as I walked along a bookseller on the streets of Izmir, I stopped to buy the paperback edition for three euros. I am excited about the bargain of course and the fact that it is in Turkish, so I can improve my reading skills (pa-peng - the perks of being a migrant child!).

Movies & TV
Watched The Martian. I was thrilled. Great production. As a fan of Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart (Adventureland, you guys), I feel a strong urge to see American Ultra. Need to soon. I find it hard to find someone who'd actually enjoy watching it.  Nevertheless I got to see another must-see:  Pedal the world, an amateur movie about a young man named Felix and his adventure traveling the world on a bike (...as in bicycle!) in 365 days. Inspiring shit. And lastly I was lucky enough to see  Woody Allen's Irrational Man in a preview last night. Such a funny movie I was overly excited on my way home.

Uh, and I have finally found a new show to look forward to: Aziz Ansari's Master of None on Netflix. I adore that man. I think this means I need to sign up for netflix #amazonprimestudent

Drakes 5am in Toronto. Listened to it on byte fm and it got stuck in my head. Amoebes what's in my bag? series with My Morning Jacket showed me some really nice tunes. They recommended Alabama Shakes new album. It's truly great. My favorite song right now is Gimme All you Love. Blood Orange is another discovery via the YouTube series. Check out Champaign Coast. What a beautiful song.

Right now I am crazy about Arbor Collective's skateboard videos. And this bad lip reading of the democratic debate. This great new episode of Drunk History. And Broad City ("i feel like my vaginal health is at its peak"). Andy Samberg's Emmy Opening. This Inside Amy Schumer clip. This cute camp video. Emma Stone dancing in this music video. And Kristen Wiig making fun of dramatic indie movies. And of course John Oliver's take on the Canadian Elections before the results, and Trevor Noah after the announcement of new prime minister Justin Trudeau.

Sarah Silverman on NPR Fresh Air. Great talk. Carrie Brownstein on Dinner Party. Steve Albini on WTF. Die große Medizinsendung by Sanft & Sorgfältig (this might be my first German podcast mention...?). But my biggest finding this week is a recording of Jack Kerouac reading American Haikus backed by jazz saxophonist John Haley  aka Zoot Sims. NDR info played an extract on a nightly special and it blew my mind.


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