Kaffeepause #8

It is time again, one last time before my postgraduate program starts next month, for a doses of pop culture.

Music: with apple music's free try out I thought I would discover some brand new music via their playlists. but instead of new bands I rediscovered old ones and had to reach out to my beloved podcasts and movie soundtracks to satisfy my novelty seeking. the soundtrack to dope is unbelievably good. boots is another music discovery (via all songs considered). for some melancholy on a sunday listen to "over" by alice boman and "stones" by barbarossa. get back to reality with the arcs' "put a flower in your pocket".

Videos: this Jason Sudeikis appearance on Late Night. this oldy but goody Alec Baldwin impression of Robert De Niro on SNL. Jason Ritter about his favorite YouTube clips. this teaser for the new daily show. and this one. John Green's take on the road less traveled by. this bit on Late Night. this clip with some interesting facts about lemons (I will try out the natural bleaching on my next trip to türkiye). this snl sketch that makes me laugh real hard. and this gopro clip. coz ... bears. oh and lastly this guy. what I would give to have his job.

Podcast: Jonathan Franzen on Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He is so smart and speaks just as he writes. Lake Bell on WTF with Marc Maron. they talk VERY openly about birthing at home. Director of the Lion King's musical Julie Taymore on Here's the Thing - what an impressive life story she has.

TV Shows & Movies: Hudson Valley Ballers. the trailer to "before I disappear" and "sleeping with other people". new indie movie called "6 years" I reeeeeally want to watch (here is the opening scene). re-watched "crazy stupid love" because it was available on prime. and you know... gosling. cried like a baby at the line "I am so glad you bought me that ice cream."

Other internet-y things: found a new turkish blog to spend my sundays with. also this clip. oh my heart. this funny essay on hipster restaurants in Hamburg and Berlin. this recipe with a twist on a traditional turkish food. and lastly, a quote by B. Brown on brain pickings:
if we are brave enough often enough, we will fall; this is the physics of vulnerability.
On with these words I say: happy sunday, folks. 


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