Being a "WTF"-er

... I just have to make a list of my favorite episodes at some point. I think it is time. let's do this.

my favorite "WTF with Marc Maron" episodes:
  1. Terry Gross (two of the most beloved voices do an interview. it was even better than what I had imagined)
  2. Louis CK in 2012 (this one is legendary.)
  3. Barack Obama (yes, this happened. read more about it here)
  4. Remembering Robin Williams (heartbreaking.)
  5. Russell Brand (I LOVE their interaction. Also: mega drug stories.)
  6. Noah Baumbach (they talk about my favorite baumbach movies)
  7. Kim Gordon (I mean I'd give any reason to listen to her talk. what a voice she has.)
  8. Ben Stiller (Maron's monologue is filled with insecurity triggered by Stiller's visit to his garage aka cat ranch. It is so maron.)
  9. Michael Keane (did you know Keane used to be a stand up comedian?)
  10. Amy Poehler (she gets personal and confronts maron about his coolness/territorial behavior "back then".)
hmmm I already have to add more guests to the list... like Aasif Mandvi, Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari, Ira Glass and John Oliver... anyways, this list covers all interviews I have since listened to at least twice. That should say something about them. And me. LOCK THE GATES!

(more reasons to listen to WTF presented by Zeit, Süddeutsche, Guardian and Rolling Stone.)


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