Kaffeepause #7

this drawing by Girls writer Bruce Eric Kaplan speaks to me. the best time for an introvert is the day (or week) after a social engagement (depending on the length and depth of the social interacting). so the first day after a three-day long celebration of Ramadan was scheduled to be amazing: reading silly blog posts, listening to some music and reading new comic books. instead I had to spend the day figuring out which postgraduate program is the best fit for me. how to pay for it. what my career plans are. and what to buy my best friend for her twenty-fourth birthday. all similarly important and hard issues to think about. five dc comic books and one complete series of Southland later I found myself looking for a mash up of everything wonderful in one neat present, and luckily found it listed at my favorite local bookstore in Hamburg: a comic book of non-fiction about feminism in western countries. I found a separated review from a magazine in my planner and remembered what a brilliant gift this would be for a sophisticated strong intelligent gal like my friend. If you are intrigued, it's called Kleine Geschichte des Feminismus by Antje Schrupp/Patu.
ok, now let's continue with more internet-y things.

Music: This spotify gimmick is just addictive. A map that shows the most played songs in the area. First places I looked for? San Francisco and Istanbul. Then Hamburg and Hannover (no results). First thoughts? More Hip Hop than I would have imagined. I think the best one so far is the Sound of Edinburgh. The British being amazing again.

Videos: Amy Schumer hosting MTV Movie Awards 2015. Bill Hader on the Today Show. Trevor Noah on Comedians in Cars Getting CoffeeThis TED Talk. Key & Peele being amazingly funny.

TV Shows & Movies: I cannot wait for Trainwreck to come out. This clip makes me crave for more Schumer-Hader interaction and makes me regret the day I moved back to Germany. Can I watch it in OV please?

Podcast: David Remnick on Here's The Thing with Alec Baldwin. I love the way he talks. Sir Ian McKellen on Nerdist, Fresh Air and on Marc Maron promoting his new movie Mr Sherlock.


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