Kaffeepause #2

Jason Schwartzman's second Nerdist episode was the best thing that could happen to me on a monday morning. To not miss a word in their conversation I used headphones whilst blow drying my hair. And later I smiled like an idiot on my way to class whereas everyone in the metro was in a usual Garfield monday state of mind. With topics ranging from High School years, time management to being star struck - Schwartzman and Hardwick were in a harmony. I wanted to cherish their moment forever and keep it in a little box to take out at shitty days to feel better. They should do an episode every couple of weeks or so. I'm serious! Inspired from the interview I started listening to an old Strokes album and started missing my ultimate Strokes affiliate (who is out and about discovering the world right now). I can't wait for her to get back.

Also, Jeff Barlin is back with a new episode! His most recent interview with the writer and producer of Orange Is The New Black was hilarious although I haven't watched an episode of OITNB (is it ok to shorten it like that? looks weird...) I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Personal highlight: Amy Poehler reading an excerpt from her newly published book Yes, Please! on NPR Fresh Air with Terry Gross. What a gal. I cannot wait to read her book (...inner conflict about literature purchases described further down this post...). I have since listened to the audio twice, downloaded and added it to my playlist entitled indie stuff. Yeh, it rocks just as hards as songs by Portugal the Man and Blood Red Shoes.

I can't wait for Lena Dunham's book to get publish on paperback (happens in march...way too much waiting to do). I have read every page of the excerpt on my ibook twice and need to get my hands on it sooner rather than later. I promised myself not to buy any more books, until I get my through my current reading list. And of course I gotta wait until exams are done.

That ridiculous wonderful thing called Internet
You need to check this out: A video of a deer with a powdered doughnut. Yes, powdered. Don't ask me why that is somehow a relevant detail. Just consume it.
Also, a commercial by american express on sad things. It's weird but somehow calms me down. I discovered this ad while I was searching for some new Tina Fey video footage. I did find some. See here for Tina Fey on super humans marinating chicken, here for Tina about having the chin of a teenager and here for Tina's daughter's cutest I'm-done-mummy-expression (btw is that her real daughter?). I have a Google Alert for Tina Fey - deal with it.
Further cool things on the internet include a great list of things to do for daylight saving time, Reddit AMA with Amy Poehler, best halloween costumes ever and Will Arnett on Jimmy Kimmel describing the German entertainment show Wetten dass...?.

Instead of music I put on silence or use sound effects from noisli. Why? Because you can listen to ocean breeze, forest noises and summer rain drops at the same fucking time. Not even nature can top this. The moment I get back to reality I listen to Coconut Records, Becks (is it true he is in scientology?) or Banks' live performance at NPRs Tiny desk concert.

What a crazy week it has been. Gotta rest now and continue dreaming about me as King Joffrey in Game of Thrones.


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