First time in New York City

I've been looking at pictures from the US lately and noticed that my mum and I's last stop, the beautiful and spectacular New York City, was missing on our blog. On our way back to Germany we made a stop inbetween and stayed in New York City for 4 days. And as everyone who as ever seen big apple and felt the beat of the city will tell you: it's an unique place. We walked around most days and nights, went to see the musical Chicago, ate lots and lots of cupcakes and bars at magnolia bakery and cheesecakes from julian, tried several food trucks and visited some of big apple's sights. As the weather was rainy and cold, we mostly enjoyed the view at night. When buildings, parks and stores light up in the blackness of the night and create a magical mystical air. It was misty and surreal, and as a fan of the spiderman movies, it was just what I wanted New York to be.

With the Californian warmth still in our hearts we managed the cold with multiple layers of clothing and big coats. It was freezing cold, Central Park was still covered in snow but we had to make the best of it. Three full days were not nearly enough for this city but were enough to make me want to go back again. We stayed  at Lexington Hotel in Manhattan and had a pretty great view from the 25th floor. We mostly walked by foot, took the train or ferry to get further south. After seeing New York Public Library, Times Square and Grand Central Station I was still in dreamlike state of mind. I just could not believe we were in big apple. The city of all cities. It was very hard to grasp, especially when we walked into Grand Central Station and my obsession over train stations and subways took over me. I went bananas at the transit museum, bought an umbrella with the ceiling printed inside and took a crazy amount of pictures here and there. I don't have to point out what the value of this train station has for a movie and TV geek like me, right?

We walked around Upper Manhattan, Central Park and Wall Street Area to take it all in, had a crush tour at met and took the Staten Island Ferry to see the surprisingly tiny Statue of Liberty from far.
One night after getting caught up in china town we had pizza slides and coke at 99 cents fresh pizza for - oh well - 99 cents per slide. I remember the taste vividly and can not forget our grinning faces in front of this dubious looking tiny store that had a copy of it's new york times review posted on the wall. It said something along the lines of it being the best cheapest pizza in New York. I'll toast to that with my ice cold coke, I thought. Here I was, New York City with my favorite person in the world with me, taking it all in, breathing in the city's dirty air and mystic energy. To put down what we felt in words I need to borrow Charlie's in Perks of Being a Wallflower: we felt infinite.

the place we enthusiastically called home for 4 days

pretty sure we aren't breaking a record here but the 25th floor for a hotel room in manhattan was pretty damn high for me

Miniature trains and people at New York Transit Museum

An umbrella with Grand Central's ceiling printed? It's a keeper!

childrens book through time exhibition at the New York Public Library

cloudy, rainy new york

Food trucks on the streets of New York. My mum's favorite: Halal Philly Cheese Steak

We went to the saturday matinee and came out of the musical singing and dancing - what a show!

times square at night

I had to rub my eyes to believe this sight

"dup dup dup dudadadap dap dap dadada da"


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