The Trails - Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Located in Griffith Park the trails has been one of my most favorite coincidental discoveries in california. My first time at this cafe-style bistro was with a dear friend. We only stopped to ask for directions to the observatory because we desperately were looking for a spot with a clear and nice view of the hollywood sign. This was our first time in LA - in fact our first week in the states so naturally we warned that picture and nothing could stop us from getting it. The GPS was ruining our plans just as we entered the park so we ended up driving around in circles. Confused by hikers in sporty clothes around us and thirsty from all the excitment, we stopped at the trails to ask for homemade lemonade and help. That's when I saw it: this massive lookig, gigantic, freshly made pie filled with berries and served with whipped cream. We must have been in a real rush to get to that sign and patience was running pretty low, as we normally would have stopped to buy a yummy looking desserts like that pie. Since then I could not get the trails and that pie out of my head. Addtitionally I really wanted to do some hiking in that park and go see the view from the observatory - so when my mum arrived for our roadtrip I immediately told her about it.

I realize now that I must have been hungry when I saw the pies for the first time, because in reality they were standard sized. Still, nothing was keeping me back! We did the hike up to the observatory, took some lovely pictures up there, greeted locals and pet their cute doggies and quickly headed down to the parking lot again.

There it was: pies,pies,pies. I had yelped the place before I went so I knew I had to get the Avocado sandwich too, as many described it with the slighlty overrated but also fitting words "to die for". And indeed it tasted good! We had some organic coffees, freshly squeezed lemonades to accompany the avocado sandwich and apple pie - and I just could not ask for more.

Packed with locals we ended up people watching and sun bathing on the wooden bench in front of the playground - for a solid hour. It's just such a nice place to hike and meet some locals and have some fun before the noon sun hits.

oh yeah and it's abviously a great place to eat ;)

pick up location of yur order with all recyclable forks and knives
avocado sandwich ($7) and apple pie with whipped cream (~$7)

The trails is located in Griffith park and serves from morning till 5 pm. It has the best ratings on yelp (at least I haven't seen a place with better rates for this amound of reviews),
The Trails
2333 Fern Dell Dr
Los Angeles


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