Tartine bakery - San Francisco

For our trip to San Francisco on New Year's Eve my mum and I prepared a list with all things to see and a list for all things to eat. Right on top of that list was Chez Panisse in Berkley followed by Tartine Bakery in Mission. I yelped and googled for customer's favorites - pastries and sandwiches we cannot miss out on - and came up with an imaginary list of things to try at tartine. We skipped breakfast and headed to Golden Gate. From there we walked our way to the bakery. By the time we arrived, we had gotten reeeeaaal hungry and couldn't wait to fill our tummies. Little did we know we had to wait in line with 20 (!) other people to even get in the shop! We waited about 15 minutes - all that waiting was worth it at the end though. Honestly I'd stand in line every weekend just for a taste of that sour tough croissant... It's true perfection. We ordered a scone, banana cream tart, a piece of that fluffy coconut cake, croissants and grilled cheese (which took 20 min. prep time, I have no idea why). Everything tasted rich and pure at the same time. The banana cream tart has a salty dough with a chocolate base and is filled with pudding and banana pieces. And topped with chocolate that instantly melts once you take a bite. The buttermilk scone filled with raisins made me overthink British pastries once again. I tried my luck with the tartine recipe for scones upon my return. The scones turned out the way I wanted and made my mum so happy. I baked them twice in one week now. Perfect at brunch time, for afternoon tea with my ant's family and a nice surprise for a coffee date with a sweet friend.
There's nothing left to say except...bon appetit!

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
opening hours:
monday 8am-7pm
tuesday, wednesday 7.30am-7pm
thursday,friday 7.30am-8pm
saturday 8am-8pm
sunday 9am-8pm


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