Kitchen Ladies on a mission

Since my mum decided to turn her biggest hobby and passion in life into a career somewhat 4 years ago, I was blessed to tag along on her journey from time to time. Besides working as a waitress at her diner I sometimes accompanied her in the kitchen for catering orders. Once we worked an order for a formal german wedding in Hanover. Using seasonal fruits (it was during summer) and german recipes as inspiration we provided them with traditional German Cheesecakes, Mandarin-Cheesecake, Blueberry Cakes, Brownies, Plum and Cherry cakes and some apple pies.
Plus my mum made these beautiful eatable giveaways for guests - they were absolutley awesome!
Whats missing in these pictures are the two Blueberry-Cream-Cakes. As it was quite a hot day we decided to put them on the table just moments before the guests would arrive. The waiting and serving were done by the  hotel staff - we were only hired for the baking. Amazing, ha?

Before I returned to Hamburg I decided to make use of yesterdays frosting cream and bake some more of dark chocolate cupcakes. My mum took them to work and offered them to customers. Homemade cupcakes by me for sale! Not bad, right? Here are some pictures for proof...


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