First Business Trip

This was a very new experience for me: being called in for an interview by plane.
Yes. It was the first and probably last time (at least during my time as a student) travelling for business.
I loved every second of it.
You know how, depending on the time of the day, the crowd changes in public transportation and cafes? It was exactly like that on my 8 am flight to frankfurt. All seats were taken. But only by fully grown men who all looked like they were very, very important. Much more important than me. There were no traces of families with loud crying babies, flirty young couples nor where there any snoring old people. It was strictly filled with business men. Men in their best years, dressed in suits with their matching socks and big watches around their wrist, attentively reading the business section of the Financial Times.
An exhilarating experience for me. I was overly nervous and suddenly absolutely relaxed as I felt like I was one of them. Of course dressed up in my job interview outfit I could fool myself thinking I was.
It must have been by far the best experience I had on plane.
When I arrived at the airport for my job interview I felt confident and sexy. This is what a plane ride does to me.
Good thing I never became a pilot like I always dreamed of becoming. Good thing my feet are back on the ground.


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