The day I suprised my parents

For over 4 weeks I have been planning an event to honor the marriage of my beloved parents. On the 12th of july they have been married for over 25 years. In Germany this is what is called a Silberne Hochzeit. Although there is no equivalent in the turkish culture, I decided that I would later regret not doing it. So whilst studying for my final exams I paid some visits to KDTorte in Hamburg - a shop dedicated to cakes and cakes decoration.  I was able to find ingredients I have always missed making Martha Stewards recipes or bakerellas cake pops. I was over the moon. And went a little over my head spending money for the stupidiest things like foil bags for pop cakes or metallic sprayed muffin forms.
Anyways I had so many ideas for the day but as I planned the party to be a big surprise for both of them and being in hamburg for most of the time made it impossible to work everything in. I wish I had more time to prepare place cards, diashows of all the pictures or all of the food.

I arranged the tables into one long row and covered it with white sheets and a pretty flower arrangement from Rose Anna

I ordered a cake from YUFKA - it was filled with strawberries and covered with sugar frosting. The design was inspired by the cake in the movie The Five Year Engagement...

In addition to the cake I made red velvet cupcakes, the korova cookies and lemon cheesecake cupcakes with berries and handmade marmalade. My friend baked a delicious chocolate cake with coffee beans decorations.

Everyboy gathered to celebrate my parents' anniversary


  1. SO toll gemacht! deine eltern sind sicher seeehr stolz auf dich, können sie auch sein :)


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