Mushroom Grilled Cheese

... is according to Martha Stewart one of Top 30 meals everyone has to know how to prepare.
Watching some of her videos I discovered that its very easy to prepare (see here for the basic recipe). What caught my eyes was something I stumbled across in tumblr: Mushroom Grilled Cheese.
As I was still craving for some basil and tomatoes I decided to mix it with Martha's Tomato-Basil-Grilled-Cheese recipe...


cheese (emmental)
butter (I used kerrygold's salted butter)

1. Cut the tomatoes in thin slices, cheese in pieces and put them aside. Washing the mushrooms and cutting them in slices place them together with the onion in a pan.

2. After about 5-7 minutes add the cheese and wait until its melted.

3. In the meantime heat up the bread and butter it with kerrygold.

5. Top one half with tomatoes and basil.

6. Now add the melted cheese and onions and close it all up with a slice of bread.


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