Breakfast with Daddy (after a crafty day)

My dad came to make a short visit in Hamburg to help me build a little table for my newest love of my life: the little baby gaggia. Because my kitchen is of a size where even IKEA would lack of creativity to make more storage room- we decided to build a little bar with left over wood from the suppy store Max Bahr. It was actually more fun than I thought it would be-with the shopping and scaling and drilling and designing- and seriously WAY more cheaper than i had calculated it would be.
Finding a type of wood that could match my kitchen´s countertop was actually a big portion of luck-although it wasn't the size we thought we would use due to our measurements. But I can't complain: for about 5 Euros- it was a perfect fit. I wanted a place that is big enough to store the coffeeemaschine and later on the mill aswell. It was supposed to be of a height which would be comfortable for a little person like me. 1.63m-whoop whoop!(Just learned from the latest Cougar Town episode the trick to make happy noices after anything that'll make you feel uncomfortable. She made a sound after every sneeze. So clever.)
We drilled the table top together with the leg my dad brought from home (leftovers from the croquetteshop we had AGES ago) and fixed it to the wall. Wooden regals on top of it seeled the deal perfectly-to store the glasses to make latte machiatos(as seen in the picture) and little Espresso cups and beans. I plan on painting them in a bright color and will share a final picture of it then. Off to go studying for a bit-byyyeee.... 
My dad pretending to drink coffee at my "coffee-bar"


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