istanbul's best place for breakfast

 I finally downloaded all the pictures from Istanbul. They have been hiding from me in some dusty corner under my IKEA cabinet. On the occasion of starting a cheatings-possible-diet on monday where I allow myself to eat during day but nothing after six pm, I have been craving for food. Yes, I realize that it has been only three days. Yes, I can have whatever I want for breakfast. And no, it really doesn't help. Chocolate for breakfast isn't really my cup of tea. BUT this is. Namli Gurme has received plenty of excellent reviews in newspapers and travel magzines so there is no need for me to go over the top and make my little post.
But seriously, if you ever go to Istanbul don't ever forget to stop for breakfast at Namli. It's always crowded therefore chose a weekday morning. They serve delicious breakfast until noon but offer cheese and other classics all day long. It is a little bit pricey but they only serve you the best. They even have the best waiter in turkey (with proof: the newspaper hangs on the wall next to the ladies room). I think even their turkish black tea tastes kind of better. Or this is just my stupid psychology.

Things you need to order for breakfast (prioritised by importance):
  • fried egg with pastirma (= beef bacon)
  • Menemen (=traditional meal, eggs with vegetables-ingredients vary)
  • honey with kaymak (they always place it in the middle)
  • walnut jam or any other kind of housemade jam
  • cheese platter
  • sucuk (traditional spicey sausage prepared in a pan)
  • turkish tea (the waiters refill the little glasses without even noticing anything)
  • the rest on the menue.


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