How to make Turkish Mini-Pizza

It's the perfect food if you have friends over, go to a picknick or barbecue aswell as a lunch supplement at work. It's not pricey at all only takes a bit of a preparation time but tastes like the perfect mix of a turkish börek and an italian pizza.

250 g flour
14 g fresh barm (=Hefe)
14 g granulated sugar
50 g butter (at roomtemperature)
1 egg
100 ml water
2 teaspoon salt

1) Put the filtered flour in a bowl and form a whole in the middle. Place the barm and the water in the middle and mixing them with two fingers without letting the flour in.

2) Cover it with the flour on the sides and add sugar, butter and salt. Mix them gently and put in the egg and continue mixing the ingredients with one hand.

3) If the mixture is be adhesive, take it out of the bowl. Place it on the work disc drawing it out and beat it over and over on the disc until its no longer adhesive anymore (for about 2 min.)
(You can pass this step if you are a lucky owner of a kitchenaid mixer: use the attachment formed like a heel to work the dough.)

4) Put it back in the bowl and besprinkle it with flour. Cover the bowl with a foil and let it rest for 15min.

5) Take it out, roll it out and cut into 24 pieces with a spatula.
Next roll the pieces into little bowls by oiling your inner hand and using one hand and the work disc (preferably made of marble). Place these on an iron sheet and again rest for 15 min.

6) Now press into the middle of the dough balls with two fingers letting them expand. It is important to "thin" the middle out as you will later place toppings here (so the cheese and olive stick to the dough and don't get kicked out).

7) Paint the sides with eggyolk and start filling them with the toppings. You can use any topping of your like - I prefer feta cheese (with at least 50% fat) which you have to knead properly in a bowl before placing. Other toppings can be: tomatos, olives, pepperoni, etc...

 8) Let it rest for 5 min. and then bake it for 10 min. at 180° C

 Serve it warmed up or cold.


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