Birthday Dinner

Pictures from my birthday dinner at restaurant ZIYA SOFRASI. They serve traditional turkish food (mainly from Adana) in a ottoman decor and atmosphere: not only effecting the furniture and dressing code of the waiters (each table has their own waiter) but also in times of arranging the food on the silver platter.  We ordered a "buffet"for our table - meaning we ordered everything on the menue so we didn't have to pick - a real birthday bash! Afterwards we came to call the diner as meat with the side of more meat. We had bulgur (rice), traditional goat cheese, humus, season-salad but at the end were only able to remember the deliciously prepared, spiced meat: lamm kebab, cig köfte and pirzola.
My cousins remembered my favourite cake from the pastry shop pelit which rounded up the dinner perfectly.


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