My 21st Birthday in İstanbul

This post is a quick preview on my upcoming stories in the next couple of days and a THANK YOU to my dear family
 We spend some lovely time in Istanbul and I'm looking forward for the next couple of days...
Today I had the pleasure of eating the best food I ever had
İt was classy and delicious and combined all my favorite meals on a big platter to chose from.
My morning started with a boat tour and endet with one...I couldn't ask for more.
I loved every second and can't wait to blog about my experıences like at the bakery on Bağdat caddesi which was a two day course on baking turkish and american sweets. And today I even recieved a little certificate:)
The course was called PASTA 2 - a threeday course at Coccolat (see their website) which I was fortuned enough to take part at for two days. On the agenda were foreign sweets such as
  • carrot cake
  • creme brulee
  • chocolate tart
  • cherry tart
aswell as turkish recipes for
  • mini pizza
  • ay cöregi
  • Mekik Kek
  • paskalya cöregi
Normally the courses are organized for 5-6 people but luckily mine was made of only three people plus the talented usta who tought us all about the recipes with kindness and tenderness and a speed I have only seen in cartoons before (I'm trying to make a reference to speedy gonzales).

As I have mentioned on my february post, the baking course was a present from my sweet mum for my 21st birthday and combined my favorite things in the world: 
baking, eating, traveling by boat, shopping for baking utilities & books and meeting people from istanbul.
Well I guess my wishlist was only in this particular order during my stay in istanbul. I do have other things I love besides the kitchen (which I right now cannot remember whilst reminscing the smell of sweets and baked goods).
Can't wait to share all the recipes ...Til then GOOD NIGHT


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