Home Sweet Home (Winterstyle)

Noxtious from the night before I woke up starting the day relaxed - grabbed a cozy blanket and made myself comfortable on the couch. I think my cat has the same idea about sunday mornings- well actually... he spends most of his precious time lying on the foot of the couch.
The TV was dull as always so I settled for a documentary on french countrysides. Relaxing as I said.
At the same time I decided to knit myself a headband from last year´s wools as it was freezing cold (minus 8° degree). Luckily I finished it in no time as we made a visit at my aunts adn they really don´t mind the distracted version of me (= less hyper).

As for my Mum- she started baking in the kitchen-trying out gluten-free recipes. Instead of flour she used chobbed almonds and poppy seed.
The minute she fetch it out of the oven I digged into it: it was absolutely heavenly and addictive...
Later we both prepared a cake for my newborn nephew- again without any flour but almonds and cherries- as we mixed and matched it, used visual judgement on the measurements- it´s unfortunatly impossible to share a recipe :) but a picture of the result:
Surely right now I am the biggest fan of holidays. Guten Appetit!


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