Ending our first day with a traditional ottoman drink

On our way back to Bayrampaşa we decided to buy some pickles for later as we were planning on watching the lakers game snacking kuruyemiş (sunflower seeds and pistachio) & turşu (pickled vegetables) and drinking turkish tea. In İstanbul it's a custom to put together your own mixture of vegetables: the ingredients (carrots, pickles, lettuces, ...) aswell as the taste of the water (hot or sweet). Those shops you'll find all around the city but we usually stick with the ones in Kocamustafapaşa...

To get warmed up again we stopped for a drink at the icecream shop.
I should explain.
During wintertime all the icecream shops offer the beverage salep which is a hot milk drink served at a crazy hot temperature with cinnamon and nutmeg on top...
It truly is to die for (I believe it's in order use this term considering this heavenly taste) and is always able to make me remember all my memories of my childhood years.

Now back to my second day in the loveliest city known to mankind: İstanbul.


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