1 hour and 45 Minutes..

...is the exact time that is left until my family and me are going to be on the plane to the most wonderful city in the world: ISTANBUL. I cannot wait for the moment upon arrival - the moment I step out of the airport into a crowd of chaos, loud sounds, familiar fragrances and undefinable smells that are all welcoming me home. I'm excited to make the grand historic tour with my dad who knows all about the great city that was historically known as constantinople. Excited about the 2-days baking classes at a known pastry shop on bagdat caddesi which my mum arranged for my upcoming birthday (turning 21 next week...). The fun part is that the course promises a number of baking goods the participants will do plus my very own semi-professional birthday cake! Can it get any better? Strolling around, eating delicious food, exhibiting museums, shopping at malls and bargaining at bazaars together with my two favorite people in the world.
But mainly I'm incredibly excited about the food. Naturally.


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