Goodbye Cookies.

This summer I started working as an intern. And with that, I suddenly started wearing suits and started getting up at 6.30 am to get ready- have a long shower, iron my cloth, switch the slippers to heels, create big hair and dig really deep for some confidence. All with the purpose of not looking like a stupid gnome in stupid suit. That is anyway how I feel the moment I step into the building. I not only am scared like shit and have the constant fear of doing something wrong but additionally I am reminded of my lack of any qualification in banking.
A 1000 new faces and names, billion things to learn and my shyness constantly stepping in my way. Basically I make an idiot of myself since day one.

Luckily the people I work with are an amazing help- the finance office is young, smart, energetic and filled with talents. But just like in any other company there are some workers, mainly the ones with a higher position or longer experience than the others, who let you know how they feel about the youngsters who barge in here with way too many expectations but zero experiences and a high blood level that could explain their uncommonly good mood. Like me.

My solution to this? Cookies. Cookies that will make your heart meld and fill with kindness and love. A cookie that could remove that stick out of their bums and make them be nice to me.

Yesss I did make that cookie. My mum had the perfect recipe. Chocolate Cookies with Salt. A very different kind of salt my mum had to order from the internet. Check out the recipe by Café Fernando: (english version) (turkish version)

and make the heartless fall in love with you(r cookies)


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