I haven´t been posting for a very long time. To be more exact: since I have started uni in hamburg.
And it´s no coincident....
I finally did move out of my parents house with my 20 young years, but was faced already with the ugly truth.

I do not have a kitchen in my apartment.

Really hard to believe, aint it? But unfortunately the truth.
I wasn´t even able to bake some William and Kate Cupcakes. Which made spending 6 hours in front of the TV and watching the wedding even more pathetic.


My mom helped me moving and as she saw my tiny little room she quickly decided that I have to eat outside from now on. Which means that I have been and will be enjoying my meals in the canteen, at restaurants but more likely in cafe/ bistros. So I had the idea to post about my outgoings in hamburg now and then for the next 6 months ( cause that´s when I´m allowed to move out).
And, if I am able to manage it, I will send some pictures and write recipes whenever I´m in hanover or my mother remembers to take shots of her menus.

As I am writing this, I´m sitting at "Jim Block", a franchise snack bar which evolved from the highly known Steakhouse "Block House", eating my JB Special Salad with lots of arugula/ rocket, giant but sweet tomatoes, onions, French Dressing, garlic bread and a 125g steak placed in the middle of this mostly healthy salad. ;)
Served with a drink, one is able to afford this menu for a total of 8 euros. Including the view of the Alster, of course.
And I must say it was very, very much satisfying.

Guten Appetit!


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