"mama." Just what I needed.

All was fine until I saw the menue. They had the most thrilling recipe on it and I, wolverine, just couldn't resist.
A friend took me to a place, i haven't heard from before, to prove that they serve the best pizza in town. And as our primary plans to make lasagne ( or rather his aim to beat my mum's world's best lasagne) were cancelled due to the lack of beef mince in the supermarket, we reached out for pizza. The best one apparently, I still don't know. Not even my natural curiousity held me back from ordering the risotto with organelles and special herbs. For roughly 9 euros. But thanks to the ambiance and the nice service it was totally worth it.
And we rounded it up with a long night walk around the alster, dreaming of big houses and fancy cars. One day. I swear.


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