Risotto: steamy work.

Well, I tried really hard to capture the risotto I made yesterday at its very best look. But my phone kinda makes all food look insipid and boring that's why I just post one picture of my favourite italian food...I really do adore this rice which is filled with parmesan cheese - the best cheese in the world (after gouda and camembert)...
The recipe is from Lafer - that german geniuos cook who published a kingsized cooking book last year I think. But it doesn't differ from Jamie Oliver's too much I guess. Need to check it later.
So here is the recipe.

2 spring onions
2 cloves of garlic
700ml vegetable stock
50g parmesan cheese
50ml olive oil
250g risotto rice
150ml white wine ( I prefer 50ml vinegar and 100ml boiling water)
salt, pepper
50g cold butter (in cubes)

First you chop the onions and garlic cloves, grate the parmesan and start to heat up the olive oil in a pot. Start adding the chopped vegetables and afterwards the rice. After steaming the rice to a vitreous look you add the vinegar - if you use the white wine take your time to mix it into to ingredients but the vinegar needs to evaporate quickly - just turn the heat on high. The picture was taken to show how steamy this affair is...
And donnot forget to stir the rice constantly with pauses of 1-2 minutes in between.
The next step takes anout 18-25 minutes. You add a quarter of the vegetable stock and want all of the liquor to be absorbed by the rice before you add a quarter of the stock again.
Do this until all the liquor is steamed and absorbed.(Add the boiling water only if you think the rice needs more..)
Take the pot from the stove and mix the cold butter cubes into your rice. And while it's still hot and steamy add the parmesan cheese-this will create a creamy texture.

... that's all - enjoy!


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