Happy 70th!

One of our regular guests turned 70 last week and hired my mum to host a birthday party at the store in hanover... The party was held for 25 guests including "the birthday boy" and his lovely wife. Both of them were overly excited about the party, they spend weeks of worring about the adequate red, white and sparkling wine selection and kindly offered help day after day.
My mum was actually asked to do a 3 course menu, a cold and warm buffet-and ALL in turkish style. She organized a wide food selection and prepared them with the help of two turkish girlfriends of hers in two days.

I helped her with the little present for the guest to take home- it´s kind of a biscuit (the recipe and idea is from Hünerli Bayanlar) iced and decorated with tiny sugar flowers and wrapped with transparent sheet gift ribbons and a short thank-you-note attached with a golden safety-pin. The married couple loved them! All the hard work was worth it...definitly! My mum made the dough and we decorated them together afterwards in our living room at home. Most of them had the date engraved surrounded by three to four flowers in different colours...
Later we positioned them on the plates and of course tried to match it with the table decoration.

Everyone had a blast at the party and the hosts were very, very satisfied with the outcome... So we couldn´t ask for more. ;)


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