My favourite cake named Banufé.

I´m telling you... It´s THE cake. Can´t live without it anymore!

The cake is called BANUFÈ or Banoffe. A creamy, pretty looking cake filled with thin slices of banana and sweet caramel plus a sweet cookie dough.

1l double cream
4 bananas
35g whipping cream stabilizer
1 package of "leibniz" shortbread
1/2 package of wholemeal cookies
175g butter
cacao powder (to decorate)

1 The Cookie Dough
Put the shortbread and wholemeat cookies into a mixer and add the melted butter to it. It will help it stick together.
Use a cake pan with 26 cm diameter and press the cookie dough into the pan, try to apply it evenly.

2 The Cream Now start whipping the cream in the kitchenaid and add 4 Tablespoons of sugar. Mix in the whipping cream stabilizer and watch the process. If you beat it too much it´ll turn to butter so watch out and stop beating the cream when its stiff. Adjust the bowl to the refrigerator and let it chill for an hour.

3 The Filling
Cut the bananas into thin slices and arrange them on the dough.Heat up the caramel, you can do it in different ways- my mum and I just put the package into boiled water. Add it to the cake pan after it cooled down.

4 The Final Touch
Prepare the final touch by adding the cooled cream to the dough. Either flatten it out or make little waves with a rubber spatula and dredge it with cocoa powder. Last step is to let it chill again for an hour and voila...My favourite cake in the world-it´s done.


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