Blueberry Day

Today we spend half of the day picking blueberries from a plantation an hour away from the city. Although it started raining the moment we put our feet on the ground, we collected 3 buckets of blueberries in order to fullfill our dream of a perfectly made blueberry pie.
Step 2 was to find a good french recipe for the dough and an easy one aswell. Neither my mother nor me have ever tried to bake a tradional french pie and we were both very excited to find it out. Usually you hear people being reminiscent of their grannies serving tasty pies filled with loads of fruits- but as my grannies both concentrated on traditional turkish pastries only, I have never-yes never- eaten a fruit pie. Shame on us, right?
Anyway... we started baking with Martha Steward´s recipe on Pate Brisee and ended up questioning our baking skills. Even my mum. It was much harder than we have imagined and baking two pastries at the same time and makink our own pasta really didn´t help (we needed a classic fruit cake for the café tomorrow.. uh and I convinced my mum that we should be eating our selfmade pasta at the end of the day just like Jamie Oliver in his Italian recipe book).
So the stress factor was quite high and we were already exhausted from the trip to the fruit plantation earlier this day. So we tried to do exactly everything the way Martha did in her video but still struggled with the rolling out of the dough-it was filled with butter chunks and therefore had the tendency to stick to the kitchen tools everytime we tried to prepare the bottom of our pie.

It all resulted in a dejavu- we put the dough back into the fruit processor, covered it in plastic wrap and put it for another half an hour into the fridge.
Meanwhile we baked the blueberry cake for work which was much easier but less exciting as we prepare one every week.
We used the basic cake recipe from a friend which says:

80g butter
80g sugar
160g flour
2-3 eggs
6 tablepoons milk
1 tsp baking powder
but this time my mum replaced 10g of butter with olive oil which gave the cake a really nice and rich smell.

Next she used Dr.Oetkers pudding and spread it on the cake buttom evenly.

Now you just have to fill it up with lots and lots of blueberries and cover them all up with Dr.Oetker gelatine. (This is really turning to a Dr.Oetker advertisement...)

Now you just need to let it cool, we did that on the balcony and took a nice picture.


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