There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio... food! I welcome you warmly to the new and fresh blog "Kitchen Ladies" created by two driven women- a 41 year old mother who works as a cook in a small café in Hanover´s oldtown and her 19 year old daughter who has just finished off her school and has plenty of free time to blog about the delicious creations her lovely and caring mum patiently tries to teach her.
Not to waste your precious time with the details of our little lives, I´ll start with the first recipe.

100g confectioner´s sugar
50g pulverized almond
30g cacao, unsweetened
2 eggwhites
65g sugar
113g dark chocolate, cut into little pieces
1/2 cup of heavy cream
2 tablespoons of butter, at roomtemperature
First you start off mixing the confectioner´s sugar with the almond (if necessary use a collander so that the two ingredients are well blended -the sugar soaks up the almond´s grease!) using a wire wisk or a blender. Put the unsweetened cacao into the dry mixture and lay it aside. Then using another bowl beat the two eggwhites until stiff, carefully adding the sugar.
If you have the time and patience prepare the beaten eggwhites a night before your kitchen turns to a french bakery (And make sure your stereo is playing Edith Piaf´s "padam padam" while experementing).It promises that your macarons look less like whoopies.
Now you just have to gently mix the eggwhites into the dry mixture, using only half of the beaten eggs at first and after a minute the rest of what is left in the bowl, and not to forget using our beloved soft spatula which helps keeping the fluffy texture.
My favourite part was to arrange the little sandwich bottoms ( we made the macarons in very different sizes, some were 2 cm small whereas others measured 4- 4,5 cm) on the baking sheet after filling the icing bag with the dark mixture. These you have to "cool" up to an hour (we used the time to prepare the filling and have a little chit chat while sitting in the balcony) and bake at 175°C for exactly 10 minutes.

...and the filling
Heat the cream in a pan til boiling point and add the chocolate pieces all at once. Stir it until combined and add the butter pieces. Let it cool for an hour in the frigde and et voilá: the sticky filling!
I think you can guess the rest of the story. Smudge the bottom with the filling (using a breakfast knife) and top it with the top- of course prefering similar sizes...
Bon Appetit!


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